Who does the collection and shipping of the semen?

Select Breeders Services in Chesapeake City MD stores and ships all of the frozen semen that Sporthorse Legacy represents. To find out more about Select Breeders Services and answers to many Frozen semen questions please follow this link http://www.selectbreeders.com/s/mare_owner_faq

Is there a booking free?

There is not a booking fee. The price that is provided on the stallion page is the price per dose, unless otherwise stated.

What are the additional costs?

There is a $315 charge for shipment of the frozen semen. This will be paid to Select Breeders Services, we will use the credit card that you provide for this charge. The credit card provided will also be used as a container deposit if the container is not returned.

When you receive your shipment there will be a return shipment form for you to send the container back to SBS.

How is the semen shipped?

The semen is shipped next day ground Fed Ex

How do I register my foal?

Once your mare has been confirmed in foal, you must send the signed mare breeding passport along with what registry you would like to register the foal and we will send you a breeding certificate.

Do we need to report when the foal is born?

Yes, in order to keep accurate records for the stallions and the stallions owners we request that all breeders reprot foal births.

How do I purchase semen?

When you have decided which stallion you would like to use, you can email sporthorselegacyinfo@gmail.com or call Nicole at (215) 962-0463 to have a contract sent to you. Once you have received the contract, you will need to sign it and return with a check. Once the signed contract and payment have been received we will ship out the semen at the date of your choice and will return a copy of the completed contract for your records.

If you would like help in determining which stallion would best suit your mare we would love to talk with you!